If you are looking to take your game to the next level – check out our new Senaptec Sensory Training Program. It’s designed to provide a unique edge allowing athletes to perform more consistently at a higher level. Now available to all sports - athletes and teams!


Trusted by Champions in every competitive sport, the benefit of sensory training is the best kept secret among the world’s best athletes. It’s simple – the mind leads the body, with 80% of the cues coming from how we process what we see. As such, sensory training is the cornerstone of how we build better athletes.


Program Details
The program starts with a one-time assessment on the Senaptec Sensory Station. It is like the athletic combine for the brain, testing components such as eye/hand coordination, depth perception, and reaction. From here, the Sensory Station provides a baseline report and a robust training solution, which is automatically customized to the needs and particular activity of the athlete. We tailor your training to address the areas of greatest opportunity. The Senaptec Strobe training drills combined with the assessment results and training modals on the Sensory Station allow for athletes to refine their senses and elevate their performance.


Recommended training for best results is two sessions a week consistently.


Sessions cannot be shared by athletes, whether family members or not.